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My Little Pony Toys

My Little Pony Toys

There is so much to choose from in the My Little Pony Toys range that your guaranteed to make your little girl smile this christmas.

Whether it's just the pony figures you need or if you want a great playset to keep your little girl entertained your sure to be able to find the right one to suit you

Why don't you join all the little ponies in the world? They live in a place where you wouldn't believe, it's just so bright and colourful, I bet you've never seen such beautiful ponies in all of your life! They all want to meet you so you can help them look even more beautiful in their 'Twist and Style Petal Parlour' this is where they do their hair in all different styles. Or perhaps you could help them look after their new baby 'Morning Sunshine' by giving her, her bottle and helping her sleep. There are lots exciting of things for you to do.

A popular product in the My Little Pony Toys range is the Ponyville Playset where It’s a pony birthday party - and you're invited! Open the doors of this positively pink playset and open up a world of party fun! Just Turn the thumbwheel to twirl the roller skating rink or zip your pony pal around on a scooter that fits her just right! Spin the teacups on top of the cake for a fun teacup ride for all your pony guests. You can even decorate the party table with presents for the birthday pony! And when the parties over, pack your pony figure and accessories insideand store it all away neatly.

If this isn't what your looking for what about the My Little Pony TV range

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September 28, 2021
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